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Applications of Touch Screens

With our innovative team of R&D, we have always focused on innovative technologies that can be put into real application and making use of computers as simple as touching the screen. We provide worlds best touch technologies Capacitive, SAW, 5 Wire and 4 Wire in Resistive.  Addition to the world's two most popular touch technologies Capacitive and Resistive, Softtouch is specialized in providing SAW touch screen monitor with Dust Proof Touch Screens used in Kiosk, Outdoor applications where environment is dusty.

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Information Kiosk


Below describes how touch screen has been used to open new business opportunities and attract new customers

Information Kiosks,

Being Channel Partner of NCR, SoftTouch can provide worlds best Information Kiosk, Retail POS Touch Systems for information and transaction-based systems. Kiosks are used in both public and commercial sectors to lower costs, provide information, and sell products. Information kiosks are often used in public locations such as railway reservation system, airways, banks, institutes, tourist information desk, application forms, tax information system and shopping centers.

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Other areas of application of Touch Screen

Information Kiosk

Industrial and Medical Instrumentation
ATMs and Banks,
Automobile Industry

Market Research

Industrial Automation and Instrumentation

Industrial LCD Open Frames


Open Frame Options available from SoftTouch Technologies


Now a days most of the old techniques of using electronic switches are replacing with computer enabled touch screen based controls. This gives great flexibility in working and operations. Available from SoftTouch are industrial open frame monitors

Retail Kiosk Application, POS

Retail POS


Most demanding retail business POS applications can use NCR Real POS Touch kiosk for flexible industry standard computing architecture. Available in 12", 15", 17" displays  

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