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Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screen is the exceptional touch solution for applications that require fast and accurate touch performance.

Capacitive Touch Screens are used in wide range of applications including Information Kiosk , POS Kiosk, Banks and ATMs

Available in the sizes of 12.1", 15", 17" and 19"

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Working Principle of Capacitive Touch Screen

Advantages of Capacitive touch screen 
Not damaged by running water applied to the active area

Surface hard coat cannot be scratched using any stylus with Mohs rating equal to or less than 6.

  • Point-of-Sale uses: convenience store, movie theater, lottery terminal, fast food, etc.
  • Industrial uses: Automated testing, automation equipment, man-machine interface, etc.
  • Medical uses: medical instrument, research equipment and patient monitoring system.
  • Transportation uses: Inner vehicle control panel.
Desktop Resistive LCD Touch Monitor
SoftTouch has touch enabled popular LCD Monitors using Capacitive Touch Screens.

These are available as LCD Touch Monitors in
12.1", 15" & 17" sizes.

Custom sizes are available on Order

Open Frame Capacitive LCD Touch Monitors for Kiosks
Special LCD Monitors designed to be integrated into your kiosk or other enclosure easily. They do not have the usual plastic cabinet to restrict your touch screen or kiosk application.

Open Frames are available with mounting brackets and can be simply installed into a kiosk just by tightening the screws.

These are available with integrated Capacitive touch screen in 15" and 17" sizes.

Industrial Options available

Capacitive Touch Screen Specifications
Resolution (based on Controller)
Static Load
Light Transmission
Touch Activation Force
Surface Hardness
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

500 gm within 30 Sq. cm area for 30 Sec
Touch force Standard Finger 10g
More than 160,000,000 touches in one location without failure.
-20°C to +75°C
-40°C to +80°C

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